Happiness Starts With You

Published: 31st March 2010
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If you want to be happy and successful in life then there is only one thing you need to know, and that is that happiness begins with you. There are five concepts you need to understand to nurture the happiness you seek: appreciate yourself, take time out, learn to mirror, pamper yourself and learn to forgive yourself.

1. Appreciate yourself

Happiness means something different to different people, but for the majority of us happiness means being loved for who we are. But no one is going to love you, unless you love yourself first. You can start by acknowledging that you are not perfect; in fact nobody is. Spend some time with your closest friends and family and ask them what they love about you; they might tell you that you are kind and funny, or you have a great smile, or even that you have a unique sense of style. Jot these things down in a list to remind yourself just why you do deserve to be loved just as you are.

2. Take time out

We all have busy schedules, and much of the time we are doing things to make other people happy. But you also deserve to take time out to do things that make you happy. Spend at least one afternoon, or even better a whole day, each week doing what you want to do. It might be reading a book, or gardening, or even working out at the gym. But investing time in activities that you enjoy will make you feel happier.

3. Learn to mirror

Did you know that you project what's on the inside to the outside? If you are having a bad day and you feel grumpy then other people will see that. Find the happiness person that you know and watch how they behave; how do you know that they are happy? Perhaps they smile a lot or laugh, or even just look relaxed and at ease with themselves. Stand in front of a mirror and try and copy their behaviours. Learn how to be happy from the outside in.

4. Pamper yourself

You might have noticed that the happy people always seem to look well groomed. They might have great hair or beautiful clothes. This is because they have self belief and understand that they have the right to take care of themselves and to invest in their appearance. You need to believe in yourself too, and when you do you will realise that you too have the right to invest in your appearance and spend time pampering yourself.

5. Forgive yourself

Don't forget that nobody is perfect, including you. So don't focus on the things that go wrong in your life, accept that they happened, learn from them and then forgive yourself and move on. Mistakes only make us better people.

Being happy and successful begins with you. You need to learn to love yourself and to spend time doing things that make you feel happy. Accept that you are worthy of love and attention and that you have the right to invest in your appearance. And when things go wrong, learn from the mistakes you made and chalk them up as just another step towards a happier you.


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